More About Me

Real Estate Professional

Tom brings more than 30 years of executive sales experience to INTERO, 18 of which are in our local Real Estate market. 

Born and raised in Palo Alto, Tom resides in Midtown Palo Alto and has raised 3 children. A graduate of Gunn High School, Tom attended San Jose State University where he majored in Advertising and Marketing.  Tom began his passion for real estate by remodeling and renovating many of his own homes and can see beyond its current condition to recognize the full potential of any home. 

Buying or selling a home is often the biggest financial and emotional decision one came make in their life, Tom says. "My goal is to remove the fear factor and give you peace of mind and confidence. I am dedicated to showing you the highest standards of service and integrity. You worked hard for your home. I try to work even harder to make sure that buying or selling that home is a positive experience for you". 

Note to his clients: It’s hard to believe 18 years has gone by in the blink of an eye. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your belief in me and for entrusting me with one of the most important transactions of your life. I can honestly say I haven’t worked in 16 years due to the simple fact “I love what I do” and I’m lucky enough to choose whom I get to do it with. And I have become the culmination of everyone I’ve ever worked with, thanks to the growth and fulfillment made possible by my Real Estate family. 

You’re not only my friends but also my family, who have helped me through my own life experiences as I’ve participated in yours. First time buyers starting out with a condo then moving to a single family home, witnessing the first step of their child, guiding their estate through the death of a parent, performing wedding ceremonies, guiding them through the end of a relationship, remodeling their entire home after a lifetime of memories, watching them move out of state. Life is a journey and we grow by our experiences along the way. 

I was recently told “Witnessing you restore our entire house was like watching a mother go through nine months of labor in three, giving birth and then sending their child off to school”. This was one of my greatest compliments, since it truly expressed the way I feel about what I do. 

An avid sportsman, Tom is an instrument-rated pilot, recreational skydiver, diehard golfer and home improvement junkie! He also serves on the board of directors of the West Valley Flying Club at the Palo Alto Airport 

Tom joins a group of distinguished real estate professionals who are part of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced marketing firms specializing in distinctive properties and estates as well as first time home buyers and sellers. INTERO is dedicated to excellence and we expect our association with Tom to further this dedication.